Flood of excitement

A couple weeks back, I made a discovery that has made me feel quite joyful and satisfied in the Lord- and this discovery was that I feel most excited about living on God’s green earth now more than I ever have been! Oh I would not have seen this one coming- to become excited about living.

It is not that I have been feeling sad or discouraged about life or the fact of living it. I have loved my life, even with the many (I don’t know what word to use for this one)… trying times these couple of years. But I had not yet experienced that place where the feeling of being excited about living came to me. This discovery has felt like the joy of living today and in the future separated itself, became something tangible and alive, but as a separate entity, and came to pay me a visit and decided to stay. I felt it alive and almost touchable, freshly new and yet so familiar. Then I realized that the reason this feels familiar to me is because I was made by God with the excitement of life branded in the deepest part of me. I was born to be excited about life, no matter what, and look forward to the wonders of tomorrow. I must not have known how to reach in and touch it until God revived it in me and for me to connect with it.

And so what? Why do I think it’s extremely important that I have had this experience and discovery about me and the living of life?

First of all, it’s an amazing feeling to know that everything in me is excited about living life on earth here as is a beautiful plan of God. I understand that being excited about life means I deeply recognize that God made a plan about us and the universe, and every day, He is unraveling the mystery that He so masterfully put together. I am a big part of God’s mystery. You are too!

Secondly, this knowledge means that I deeply know that God has got this, all of it, so I should not subject myself to anxiety, because God has not dumped on me a broken world to fix, but He is excited about perfecting everything – broken and unbroken- that concerns me and the world.

This knowledge means that tomorrow was intimately woven by a God who thinks the world of me and has in mind the giant small, irreplaceable, unforgettable place just for me. And whether tomorrow has me at the bottom or top, I am excited to see God bring it to His expected end, right along with me.

He gave me excitement about life. And I thought, “What a gift!” I pray same for you. It is well.


I believe in Miracles.


The inspired story 4

Some of the Glories…
So Medic,
As it is, the 8th was my birthday and I doubt that it’s just me, but I always feel especially special on my birthdays, no matter what the day looks like, and I spend hours after midnight loving on me and Jesus.
This one though, I had zero expectations for it. My first one without Agya Alofah and Auntie Yaa…hhmmm. So I was just there- pen in hand digging a whole through the diary I was supposed to write out my heart into.

Because you see, it would have been that I would rush to the shop when the day was come and I would tell my mum, “Auntie Yaa, 3nn3 y3 me birthday ooo!” Then she would say, ” Eeeiii saa?” with the biggest smile ever, and go, ” Ahaa oh. Afenhyia pa oo!” Lol, who says that to a birthday celebrant? But she would, and ask how old I am. Am sorry, who gave birth to who?! Lol…she was the funniest!

But my point would not have been any of these. My point would have come down to this, “Enti de3n na wo de b3 ma me?”
To which she would scroll through the shop and reply, “De3n na wo p3?”
Those were moments I knew I was born blessed!

Agya Alofah never needed a reminder. He was bright like that, and he used to give me the best gifts because he always, always knew my taste better than I did. He knew to get me stuff I didn’t know yet that I needed, and when he would get them for me, I would wonder how I ever lived without them.

But 8th was here and I was miles away from home. But even if I were home, it wouldn’t have been the same because they were not there. So I sat and waited for the second bar to join the hour one at 12am, so that I would mark the silence till they felt it in heaven for all that they had made my 8th become. Oh I was going to make it worth their forever in heaven. And I know the joke is on me but I was willing to wallow.

But the clock hit 12am and before a second would pass, Phil hit me with the first one! Then Aphiya gave me that cushion hug of a birthday post and it did not stop even long after a good 24 hours! I couldn’t believe it! Actually, that has never happened to me before.

Medic, I am sure you have friends but I hope they are as wonderful as mine, because they showed me so much love that I did not know what to do with myself or with them. So I prayed for them and asked God to multiply all of their love together and lavish it on each of them. My family is the type that is made up of all kinda of love, so you can imagine.

So I wanted you to know that on a day that I thought might not amount to much because my parents were not with me, it turned out in ways that I did not see coming. And it is because of all of you my wonderful family, friends and loved ones.

When you go on your knees, say a prayer for them too because they have, on all kinds of platforms, showed me wonderful love.

-And that is how I know that it is Jesus-

Guess what, Medic?
Today is Phil’s birthday too!! We did a twin celebration so it’s still my birthday! A Happy Happy Birthday to you, Phil. Keep being a man after God’s heart.

I believe in Miracles.

The inspired story 3

Dear Praying Medic,

A couple weeks ago, I travelled home to join my family observe Daddy’s One Week. That is when family and friends sit down to formally announce the date and arrangements for the final burial rites. So I needed to be home for it. While in the bus that had still not taken off, a poised-looking old man entered the bus and immediately started giving a helping hand to people on their seats who needed help to get more comfortable. He helped me too, and I thought, “Maybe he has worked here for years so he must know everything.” I was grateful.
Then without taking a breather, he started to share his faith with anyone who would listen. I could not resist listening to his sharing because I felt he was a man who truly follows Jesus. It was brief and inspiring, and as he ended, he decided to sing a song. That was when I heard it.
Daddy’s song! He was singing Daddy’s song!

*Fa w’akwan hy3 Yehowah nsa*
*Na fa wo ho to ne so*
*Na ono na ob3y3*
*Na ono na ob3y3*

They are words quoted straight from the Bible that says,

“Commit your way to the Lord , Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.”
[Psalms 37:5 NKJV]

What?! I couldn’t believe it!
Story is, I had been trying so hard to remember this song since the day Daddy went home, but not even a word was coming to me. It was always so irritating trying unsuccessfully to remember, that I had to stop and wait for it to come to me- someday soon. And come, it did!
Through the poised-looking old man!!
So I could not help but sow into his ministry. Because he brought me Daddy’s song!
You see, those days when family devotions were literally a ritual, not one of them happened without Daddy singing this song. It was like clock work! Somehow, I absolutely loved it too – this song. Maybe because it came from my father or maybe it reminded me of heavenly things. Whatever, it was, this has become one of my all-time favourite songs and my soul cherishes it well.
So I wanted to share with you one of the little miracles that happen to my everyday life, as the sun goes through the hour glass.
Still, I will share with you the glory I behold in the Great Sea that my family and I have walked through….the kind of journey that causes multiple implosions in the inside of a person. But for now, we are kept by the power of God and through the love and prayers of people like you and our friends and lovers (virtually and physically) who have, in these times, loved us in ways we had no idea existed. I have attached the poster that gives you information of Daddy’s final funeral rites.
Your prayer keeps us, my friend. I will remember to not forget to pray for you too.

I believe in Miracles.

The inspired story 2

Dear Praying Medic,

Last week Tuesday, 11th July, 2017, Daddy went home to be with the Lord. Early that morning, as I spent time in prayer, I found myself praising and thanking dear God for what He had done. When I said those words, I felt deeply that “what He had done” was very specific to Daddy and his life. After my time in prayer, I went to check on our family WhatsApp page to get the latest update because my junior brother was expected to be with our father at the hospital in the earliest hours of the morning until I was supposed to join them later that morning. Then I saw it.

“Am told it’s over. He has been put to rest.”

They came from my big brother. I think now, how many millions of questions I could have come up with, just looking at those words that meant to change everything. Too many questions, Praying Medic.
But I remember asking myself,

“Is this what God had me thanking Him for”


I thought very few things but in all my thinking, I knew this: that the word of God is true and ever alive and this my soul knows very well.
In a later time, I will share with you the glory that I behold in all of this, but for now, I wanted to say thank you and God bless you and all my friends and loved ones who pray for healing for the sick. I truly appreciate your heart and your faith. I believe the Lord touched Daddy in many ways before He gathered him away.

In Loving Memory of the man who has been my hero for ever. This one is for you, Dada!

I believe in Miracles.

The Inspired Story

Dear Praying Medic,

Today is my precious father’s birthday! I am joyful past the rooftops and I am forever grateful to God for His goodness to my father and to us his family. When I called him, he had no idea it was today because he sometimes loses track of what day it is. Being indoors all day, all night can do that to a person. Nevertheless, he was immediately excited and loud when he learnt what today was.

I wished him a Happy Birthday several times and told him how proud I am that he is my father and how proud of him I am. I blessed him and he blessed me even more. Trying to kick him out of feeling bad that he had forgotten his own birthday, I reminded him of how the same thing had happened to me back in high school when he was an employee of the same school. I had been writing my end of term exams and had completely forgotten that the date I had actually written on all my answer sheets was my own birthday. Daddy called me later after my paper, and when he announced Happy Birthday, I asked, “What? What is today’s date?!” it made him laugh to remember that day.

A while ago, I sent you a message on Facebook Messenger telling you about my father. I had watched and listened to you on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and for some reason, I felt encouraged to contact you and ask for your help to labor in prayer with me for my father. I wrote,

“Mr Dave Hayes, I am thankful to God that I am watching you on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Praise God!

Since the beginning of last year, both my parents fell seriously sick with several health conditions. Mother went home to be with the Lord this year in January after battling diabetes, pneumonia, anemia, and an unexplained extremely rapid blood loss.

After her burial, I have had to move to my auntie’s house in another city where my Dad is being taken care of. My dad was so sick that he could not attend Mum’s funeral. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and a liver problem. The cancer is stage 4. He is diabetic and asthmatic as well. I sit by him and take care of him all day and most of the night. The pain he goes through makes him cry a lot. He sings and prays as well. I do same all the time. I stand by him with no idea how to help him with the pain. Many times, it seems morphine doesn’t help. Now his ears seem infected somehow so he doesn’t hear when we talk to him or when I read God’s word to him. He can’t walk without clutches.

We need God now more than ever to save and rescue us. I put all my plans on hold because I had to take care of them and I gladly did so. After Mum’s call to glory, it seems nothing really has changed. I have faith in our healing God and so does Dad.

Mr Hayes, would you kindly pray for my Dad? We would be so grateful.


You very kindly replied and assured me of your help in prayer. I remain grateful for that. Just as I sought your help in prayer, I did same from my friends who have been graciously helpful in this wise for my father and I am grateful for them as well.

Since we have been praying, the Lord has been hearing us and working for us, in us and through us. I cannot begin to tell you how mightily grateful I am to the Lord for His mighty doings.

Then an idea hit me; to use my blog to witness the work of our Healing God in my father’s life so that others going through similar challenges in their lives will find hope in God to hold on one more time.

Thank you for accepting to be part of God’s miracle story in the life of my family. God bless you.

For His Glory,

I believe in Miracles.


To the Greatest of Our Aspirations

It was one of those days while I was on my stalking quest after the gorgeous and intelligent African writer, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, that I saw a quote from her. Some of it read…

Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage
I am expected to make my life choices
Always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important
Now, marriage can be a source of joy and love

and mutual support
But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage
And we don’t teach boys the same?
We raise girls to see each other as competitors
Not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing
But for the attention of men.

I will not underestimate the value and power of marriage and family in our lives. I absolutely love and adore family and for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to make one of my own and, as I always say to myself, “see how I would do raising a family and playing a big part in making tiny tomorrow people grow into wonderful adults.” It’s one project (lol) I can’t wait to start. Marriage is one of the most basic basis upon which families are built.


So again, I will not underestimate the value of marriage but as a woman who has grown up in an African society, I do strongly agree with Chimamanda’s words and the truth in these words make it quite difficult for a young girl or woman to aspire for and put anything else above marriage. And my question is whether this kind of training is absolutely okay. For instance, Cousin’s wedding brings almost all of the family down home. My uncle asks, “Are you done with your current programme now?” I answer, “Almost Uncle, I will be done very soon.” Uncle responds, “Ok, hurry it up now. And concentrate on the marriage from now on. What are you waiting for? Make sure you don’t go in for a PhD oo? A woman doesn’t need too much education because too much of it scares the men away, do you hear? Leave the rest of it to the men, my sweet girl. We want it to happen this year. Our next call should be an invitation to your wedding” All my uncles nod in agreement while my aunties look at me with both admiration and pity in their eyes. Wow, how supportive family can be of their little girl’s education ambitions, right? This is only one example out of the sort of constant support a woman can get if she dares aspire for more than marriage. But is that ok?

So the truth is that we do not speak of something we know nothing of- we speak of our experiences- our disappointments and our opinions about those experiences.

An African girl is taught all the things that prepare her to become a good mother and a submissive wife. I think that this kind of training is actually priceless as far as our futures as mothers and wives are concerned, but the truth is that marriage and family are not all that an African woman’s life is made of. What happened to the kind of training or conscientization that prepares them for their educational uphill or for the dynamics and business of their professions or the politics of their nations, the leaderships and service of their churches and ministries, among many other endeavors that are not tagged under the umbrella of marriage?

While the woman’s marriage is celebrated, her many other endeavors get brows raised and fingers snapped in disgust, pity and uncertainty. After a certain point, she is not expected to celebrate any of her successes and conquests if she doesn’t have a husband and children to boast of. Everyone claps or smiles for a minute and remembers that there is a but in the whole show. When did we get to this place where society chooses marriage for her, whether she is meant for it or not? When did we get here, where she is othered for being more excellent and genius at other things more than what society has chosen for her? And is it absolutely ok?

So in the end, the advice from well-meaning family and friends is that, “You don’t need to be so choosy. If the next man comes and he is not a madman, just take him like that” and only because that is what they had to do themselves and as long as it keeps people’s mouths shut, what more can one ask for? After all, no one can see the secret of my pain. But is that absolutely ok?


Letters from Uncle George [8 o’1]

All of My Help Cometh From The Lord

Dear Anita,

The rendition of Psalm 121 in a song titled “My Help” written by Jackie Gouche Farris was introduced to me by a good friend. It has become a favorite of mine and I sing it with this friend frequently.

Yesterday was the second Sunday I would be in church in 8 Sundays. Two Sundays ago when I was in church to give thanks that God has sustained the family for a whole year after Grace’s death, I walked in using a walker. Yesterday, I walked in without the aid of a walker or crutches or even a walking stick. It is exciting to be able to walk again. I am sure that I will need some physiotherapy before everything becomes normal but at least I am now walking.

i asked my pastor to give me a few minutes to give a testimony in song. Yes, you guessed it. I sang “My Help”

it is the Lord that has continued to sustain me. The healing of my knee has been quite fast. I have no reason to even consider looking for help from other sources. The Lord is my healer. All of my help comes from the Lord. I hope that you can also say that ALL of your help comes from the Lord.

George Buremoh