Flood of excitement

A couple weeks back, I made a discovery that has made me feel quite joyful and satisfied in the Lord- and this discovery was that I feel most excited about living on God’s green earth now more than I ever have been! Oh I would not have seen this one coming- to become excited about living.

It is not that I have been feeling sad or discouraged about life or the fact of living it. I have loved my life, even with the many (I don’t know what word to use for this one)… trying times these couple of years. But I had not yet experienced that place where the feeling of being excited about living came to me. This discovery has felt like the joy of living today and in the future separated itself, became something tangible and alive, but as a separate entity, and came to pay me a visit and decided to stay. I felt it alive and almost touchable, freshly new and yet so familiar. Then I realized that the reason this feels familiar to me is because I was made by God with the excitement of life branded in the deepest part of me. I was born to be excited about life, no matter what, and look forward to the wonders of tomorrow. I must not have known how to reach in and touch it until God revived it in me and for me to connect with it.

And so what? Why do I think it’s extremely important that I have had this experience and discovery about me and the living of life?

First of all, it’s an amazing feeling to know that everything in me is excited about living life on earth here as is a beautiful plan of God. I understand that being excited about life means I deeply recognize that God made a plan about us and the universe, and every day, He is unraveling the mystery that He so masterfully put together. I am a big part of God’s mystery. You are too!

Secondly, this knowledge means that I deeply know that God has got this, all of it, so I should not subject myself to anxiety, because God has not dumped on me a broken world to fix, but He is excited about perfecting everything – broken and unbroken- that concerns me and the world.

This knowledge means that tomorrow was intimately woven by a God who thinks the world of me and has in mind the giant small, irreplaceable, unforgettable place just for me. And whether tomorrow has me at the bottom or top, I am excited to see God bring it to His expected end, right along with me.

He gave me excitement about life. And I thought, “What a gift!” I pray same for you. It is well.


I believe in Miracles.

The inspired story 4

Some of the Glories…
So Medic,
As it is, the 8th was my birthday and I doubt that it’s just me, but I always feel especially special on my birthdays, no matter what the day looks like, and I spend hours after midnight loving on me and Jesus.
This one though, I had zero expectations for it. My first one without Agya Alofah and Auntie Yaa…hhmmm. So I was just there- pen in hand digging a whole through the diary I was supposed to write out my heart into.

Because you see, it would have been that I would rush to the shop when the day was come and I would tell my mum, “Auntie Yaa, 3nn3 y3 me birthday ooo!” Then she would say, ” Eeeiii saa?” with the biggest smile ever, and go, ” Ahaa oh. Afenhyia pa oo!” Lol, who says that to a birthday celebrant? But she would, and ask how old I am. Am sorry, who gave birth to who?! Lol…she was the funniest!

But my point would not have been any of these. My point would have come down to this, “Enti de3n na wo de b3 ma me?”
To which she would scroll through the shop and reply, “De3n na wo p3?”
Those were moments I knew I was born blessed!

Agya Alofah never needed a reminder. He was bright like that, and he used to give me the best gifts because he always, always knew my taste better than I did. He knew to get me stuff I didn’t know yet that I needed, and when he would get them for me, I would wonder how I ever lived without them.

But 8th was here and I was miles away from home. But even if I were home, it wouldn’t have been the same because they were not there. So I sat and waited for the second bar to join the hour one at 12am, so that I would mark the silence till they felt it in heaven for all that they had made my 8th become. Oh I was going to make it worth their forever in heaven. And I know the joke is on me but I was willing to wallow.

But the clock hit 12am and before a second would pass, Phil hit me with the first one! Then Aphiya gave me that cushion hug of a birthday post and it did not stop even long after a good 24 hours! I couldn’t believe it! Actually, that has never happened to me before.

Medic, I am sure you have friends but I hope they are as wonderful as mine, because they showed me so much love that I did not know what to do with myself or with them. So I prayed for them and asked God to multiply all of their love together and lavish it on each of them. My family is the type that is made up of all kinda of love, so you can imagine.

So I wanted you to know that on a day that I thought might not amount to much because my parents were not with me, it turned out in ways that I did not see coming. And it is because of all of you my wonderful family, friends and loved ones.

When you go on your knees, say a prayer for them too because they have, on all kinds of platforms, showed me wonderful love.

-And that is how I know that it is Jesus-

Guess what, Medic?
Today is Phil’s birthday too!! We did a twin celebration so it’s still my birthday! A Happy Happy Birthday to you, Phil. Keep being a man after God’s heart.

I believe in Miracles.

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