The Inspired Story

Dear Praying Medic,

Today is my precious father’s birthday! I am joyful past the rooftops and I am forever grateful to God for His goodness to my father and to us his family. When I called him, he had no idea it was today because he sometimes loses track of what day it is. Being indoors all day, all night can do that to a person. Nevertheless, he was immediately excited and loud when he learnt what today was.

I wished him a Happy Birthday several times and told him how proud I am that he is my father and how proud of him I am. I blessed him and he blessed me even more. Trying to kick him out of feeling bad that he had forgotten his own birthday, I reminded him of how the same thing had happened to me back in high school when he was an employee of the same school. I had been writing my end of term exams and had completely forgotten that the date I had actually written on all my answer sheets was my own birthday. Daddy called me later after my paper, and when he announced Happy Birthday, I asked, “What? What is today’s date?!” it made him laugh to remember that day.

A while ago, I sent you a message on Facebook Messenger telling you about my father. I had watched and listened to you on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and for some reason, I felt encouraged to contact you and ask for your help to labor in prayer with me for my father. I wrote,

“Mr Dave Hayes, I am thankful to God that I am watching you on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Praise God!

Since the beginning of last year, both my parents fell seriously sick with several health conditions. Mother went home to be with the Lord this year in January after battling diabetes, pneumonia, anemia, and an unexplained extremely rapid blood loss.

After her burial, I have had to move to my auntie’s house in another city where my Dad is being taken care of. My dad was so sick that he could not attend Mum’s funeral. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and a liver problem. The cancer is stage 4. He is diabetic and asthmatic as well. I sit by him and take care of him all day and most of the night. The pain he goes through makes him cry a lot. He sings and prays as well. I do same all the time. I stand by him with no idea how to help him with the pain. Many times, it seems morphine doesn’t help. Now his ears seem infected somehow so he doesn’t hear when we talk to him or when I read God’s word to him. He can’t walk without clutches.

We need God now more than ever to save and rescue us. I put all my plans on hold because I had to take care of them and I gladly did so. After Mum’s call to glory, it seems nothing really has changed. I have faith in our healing God and so does Dad.

Mr Hayes, would you kindly pray for my Dad? We would be so grateful.


You very kindly replied and assured me of your help in prayer. I remain grateful for that. Just as I sought your help in prayer, I did same from my friends who have been graciously helpful in this wise for my father and I am grateful for them as well.

Since we have been praying, the Lord has been hearing us and working for us, in us and through us. I cannot begin to tell you how mightily grateful I am to the Lord for His mighty doings.

Then an idea hit me; to use my blog to witness the work of our Healing God in my father’s life so that others going through similar challenges in their lives will find hope in God to hold on one more time.

Thank you for accepting to be part of God’s miracle story in the life of my family. God bless you.

For His Glory,



To the Greatest of Our Aspirations

It was one of those days while I was on my stalking quest after the gorgeous and intelligent African writer, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, that I saw a quote from her. Some of it read…

Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage
I am expected to make my life choices
Always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important
Now, marriage can be a source of joy and love

and mutual support
But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage
And we don’t teach boys the same?
We raise girls to see each other as competitors
Not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing
But for the attention of men.

I will not underestimate the value and power of marriage and family in our lives. I absolutely love and adore family and for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to make one of my own and, as I always say to myself, “see how I would do raising a family and playing a big part in making tiny tomorrow people grow into wonderful adults.” It’s one project (lol) I can’t wait to start. Marriage is one of the most basic basis upon which families are built.


So again, I will not underestimate the value of marriage but as a woman who has grown up in an African society, I do strongly agree with Chimamanda’s words and the truth in these words make it quite difficult for a young girl or woman to aspire for and put anything else above marriage. And my question is whether this kind of training is absolutely okay. For instance, Cousin’s wedding brings almost all of the family down home. My uncle asks, “Are you done with your current programme now?” I answer, “Almost Uncle, I will be done very soon.” Uncle responds, “Ok, hurry it up now. And concentrate on the marriage from now on. What are you waiting for? Make sure you don’t go in for a PhD oo? A woman doesn’t need too much education because too much of it scares the men away, do you hear? Leave the rest of it to the men, my sweet girl. We want it to happen this year. Our next call should be an invitation to your wedding” All my uncles nod in agreement while my aunties look at me with both admiration and pity in their eyes. Wow, how supportive family can be of their little girl’s education ambitions, right? This is only one example out of the sort of constant support a woman can get if she dares aspire for more than marriage. But is that ok?

So the truth is that we do not speak of something we know nothing of- we speak of our experiences- our disappointments and our opinions about those experiences.

An African girl is taught all the things that prepare her to become a good mother and a submissive wife. I think that this kind of training is actually priceless as far as our futures as mothers and wives are concerned, but the truth is that marriage and family are not all that an African woman’s life is made of. What happened to the kind of training or conscientization that prepares them for their educational uphill or for the dynamics and business of their professions or the politics of their nations, the leaderships and service of their churches and ministries, among many other endeavors that are not tagged under the umbrella of marriage?

While the woman’s marriage is celebrated, her many other endeavors get brows raised and fingers snapped in disgust, pity and uncertainty. After a certain point, she is not expected to celebrate any of her successes and conquests if she doesn’t have a husband and children to boast of. Everyone claps or smiles for a minute and remembers that there is a but in the whole show. When did we get to this place where society chooses marriage for her, whether she is meant for it or not? When did we get here, where she is othered for being more excellent and genius at other things more than what society has chosen for her? And is it absolutely ok?

So in the end, the advice from well-meaning family and friends is that, “You don’t need to be so choosy. If the next man comes and he is not a madman, just take him like that” and only because that is what they had to do themselves and as long as it keeps people’s mouths shut, what more can one ask for? After all, no one can see the secret of my pain. But is that absolutely ok?


Letters from Uncle George [8 o’1]

All of My Help Cometh From The Lord

Dear Anita,

The rendition of Psalm 121 in a song titled “My Help” written by Jackie Gouche Farris was introduced to me by a good friend. It has become a favorite of mine and I sing it with this friend frequently.

Yesterday was the second Sunday I would be in church in 8 Sundays. Two Sundays ago when I was in church to give thanks that God has sustained the family for a whole year after Grace’s death, I walked in using a walker. Yesterday, I walked in without the aid of a walker or crutches or even a walking stick. It is exciting to be able to walk again. I am sure that I will need some physiotherapy before everything becomes normal but at least I am now walking.

i asked my pastor to give me a few minutes to give a testimony in song. Yes, you guessed it. I sang “My Help”

it is the Lord that has continued to sustain me. The healing of my knee has been quite fast. I have no reason to even consider looking for help from other sources. The Lord is my healer. All of my help comes from the Lord. I hope that you can also say that ALL of your help comes from the Lord.

George Buremoh

The Farting Tension

I seriously have no idea where this one came from. I was in a bus thinking my many thoughts

pic. from Live,Love, Laugh Blog

when these three words jumped off of somewhere and landed in the frontline of my thoughts. Life really has got a sense of humor, hasn’t it? So the three words “the farting tension” were suddenly here and meant to stay so I decided to give it a little thinking consideration. I couldn’t help but enjoy a good amount of laughter!

Have you ever met a couple who never let the other hear them… you know…fart? Hehehe, it’s a pity piteous (Ama. T, 2015). It really is! Meanwhile, they won’t have time enough to walk outside to a more spacious area to freely do it. You know what happens? They do it, willing all their strength to make it happen silently and hope to heavens it doesn’t smell as bad. But of course it does, and then when the farting power has taken over the natural air inside, the other party starts to feel irritated and a little angry at this sudden ambush. Meanwhile the farter starts to do everything they can to make this mistake pass quickly and forgotten. Is that even possible? Fart that powerful? Lol. Anyway, they might stand still to try to not spread the ‘infection’ or move around quickly to diffuse the amount of power or better still, start talking quite loud or fast to distract attention or maybe laugh heartily at something they said that was not even that funny. As if they could help make the situation any less uncomfortable. Hehehee

So I thought about it and came up with a solution (humor me, will you?) that I might definitely want to try myself…lol. This is it, that before couples get married or before friendships and relationships take off to that level where parties know what they are comfortable with and vice versa, they should diffuse the farting tension. J Somebody should initiate a tension-free farting environment, go as many and as ugly as y’all can go, laugh about it (because it’s actually really hilarious), encourage each other to really feel free about it and voila!, it becomes a tension reliever instead of one that increases it.

Will you try it? Really, don’t take life too seriously…

Letters from Uncle George [7 o’1]


Dear Anita,
How time flies! Today is December 8, exactly one year after Grace went to be with the Lord. It’s impossible not to remember. The scene came back to me very clearly. Grace’s blood pressure had gone dangerously low. The consultant cardiologist was around with his top doctors. They screened her up with the curtains, had the oxygen set up  and allowed only Itunu inside with them. After a while, I went to peep and saw that the consultant himself was pumping her heart. I couldn’t watch it so I left and intensified my praying asking for a miracle. Then after a while, Itunu charged out from behind the curtains sobbing and saying “she is gasping.” The inevitable had happened. My first reaction was to turn my pleading with God into questions. “Must it happen like this? She has served you  faithfully all her life with her whole life. Must you take her away at this time?” I even said that I am finished. 
My updates during that period are the most opened and read. If you read them you will see that the Lord helped not to sit in the valley of depression. I took God at His promises and was able to hold on to my faith when God didn’t seem to make sense. Like David, I knew what God had allowed and expressed it but I also let Him know that I know that He is sovereign and will make even this work out for good because I love Him. I have been flooded with help and emotional support from all over the world. I also thank God for using my mails to bless many who read them.
The day I returned home from the hospital, knowing that I will never see Grace alive anymore, I said to myself, ” I will never marry again.” A few days later, God told me He is the one that said that it is not good for man to be alone. He will give me another helper suitable. Life must continue.

Thank you for praying for me.

George Buremoh

Letters from Uncle George [6 o’1]


Dear Anita,
Have you discovered Psalm 125? I woke up this morning at 2:00am and I couldn’t sleep. My knee is okay and I am not feeling any pain, but I was just awake. The thought that keeps coming to my mind is one of absolute safety and security. What a psalm of assurance! “Those who fear the Lord are like mount Zion which cannot be moved but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people from this time forth and forevermore.” Can you believe that’s? And all I have to do is qualify to be called His people and then trust him. In our family devotions a few days ago, we sang in Yoruba “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life” I took time to explain what an anchor is and that a ship that is properly anchored cannot be tossed by the wind. This Psalm is so assuring. Once I qualify, I cannot be moved by the storms of life and the protection of the Lord surrounds me. One day I will like to physically see Jerusalem and mount Zion but for now I am satisfied to know that I am protected both now and forevermore. So I cannot be moved.

I just want to share the thought with you.


Letters from Uncle George [5 o’1]


Dear Anita,
Based on all the information I had been given, I should still be laying on the hospital bed till Monday December 7th when the stitches on my knee would be removed and a Plaster of Paris would replace the current dressing and then I would be sent for physiotherapy and sent home with a walker. My mind was set on that. However, on Monday morning, the surgeon who performed the surgery on my knee led the team of doctors in ward round. He asked his doctors a lot of questions about me and insisted they must open up the wound right then. He opened it up himself and said it couldn’t be cleaner or drier. He said “Why are you keeping this man here to occupy a bed? He is a missionary, he belongs at home to do his job and be with his people. Discharge him and let him come back for check up.” Even though it took all day Monday and Tuesday for the process of my discharge to get to the point when I could actually physically leave the hospital with my brand new walker, I had been given an unexpected early discharge. Anita, did you pray for that? I have no idea who prayed for an early discharge but I know many people, probably including you have been praying for me.
i made it home, now in my own bed, manouvering myself with the walker to go to the toilet and now free from the bad pan. I actually have no pain feeling. I am able to eat well. My diet is at least 90% fruits and I am eating some fish, soy protein products and some chicken white meat and nuts. I feel great. My blood pressure has continually been good and my blood sugar has gone down to normal with very minimal medication.
Thank you for praying for me. I will now have to deal with the effects of my leaving the hospital. God has opened up so much ministry opportunity and it was going so well that I was actually looking forward to the next week on that bed. 
I will tell you about that later, but for now, thank God that I am home and pray for complete healing.